Best Hand Saw For Wood Working

The purpose of this article is helping you to get the best hand saw that's perfect for your work. You should read through this hand saw buyers guide from start to end to ensure that you don't miss any important points about which hand saw to buy, and the key things to consider. The best hand saws on the market today are from reputable brands like IRWIN, but there are also lesser known brands that produce good hand saws. It's important that you select a saw which is made from solid steel so that it does not flex too much while you're using it to saw through wood. Hand saws are better than power saws at achieving precision, so that's one reason you might want a hand saw. Another great thing about hand saws is that they don't require a power source, because they're powered by you, this saves time, weight, and money. Without wasting anymore time let's look at some of the top hand saws for woodworking.

The Stanley 20-045 15 Inch hand saw is the top pick in this list, because we think it is the best hand saw. This saw is top of the line quality, but actually also very good on the budget side of things. This hand saw is able to cut up to 50% more quickly than normal hand saws because of its sharp tooth technology that it has. The teeth and whole blade of the saw are made from induction hardened steel, this means they will keep sharp for a long time, so you can cut through a lot of wood without worrying about the saw becoming blunt from use. As far as the grip on this hand saw is concerned, it is top of the line, made to be very ergonomic to hold onto for longer periods of time. The stanley 20-045 also features a special blade design which is intended to reduce the saw getting stuck in wood, also known as "binding". It also has built in marking angles for easy measurement while you're working saving you time and effort. Overall this a great hand saw and not too expensive, that's why it's the top choice on this list.

The GreatNeck N2610 26 Inch hand saw is another good hand saw for cutting wood. The level of craftsmanship that went into producing this hand saw really shows as it's a beautiful tool. The handle is crafted out of hard wood for a traditional look. Aside from looking good this hand saw actually performs really well too. The handle is very ergonomic which is a necessity when you work in a situation where you need to be sawing all or most of the day. The only downside here for this saw is that because of the wooden (rather than plastic) handle it is quite heavy. The blade on this hand saw is also high quality. It is made from high carbon steel, so it's rust resistant, the teeth are also induction hardened so they are set to stay sharp for the saws lifetime. The blade of this saw itself is 26 inches long, so its on the longer end, it also has 10 teeth per inch. Overall this is a good option for anyone who wants a good hand saw that also looks nice.